Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Reflections Day 1

First Day


When I first read the project list, this was the first one that caught my eye. It was how fun and challenging this project sounded that made me join this project. 

I think I can learn many things from this project, such as teamwork, and some of the Physic concepts that I have never learnt or heard of before. I was out into a team where I only knew one member, and I hope I would be able to learn new things and also forge new friendships through this project.

I think I have no questions regarding this yet, but at the beginning I was a little blur with my instructions on what to do for today and took some time adjusting to it. But I was able to adjust well in the end.

Plenary Sessions 

Plenary Session 1:

This was our very first plenary session and I was not sure about what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was ok and it turned out quite well. It was interesting and I learnt many things that I did not know before, like how when an earthquake occurs land rises and when a tsunami happens land sinks a little. I also found out the many ways they use to find out more about tsunamis and the ways they can predict future ones. Overall I enjoyed the sessions.

Plenary Session 2: 

We had this after our lunch and I was also very interested in this session. Not only was it engaging, the lecturer also asked us questions to keep us entertained. We learnt many things about animation and how 2D was surprisingly cheaper than 3D, and less time and money consuming. While a 89 minute long 3D movie takes 20,000 pieces of drawings and US$45 000 000 to produce, a 22 minute long animation will take 16 000 pieces of drawings and US$150 000 to produce. This is why most companies prefer to do 3D even though the demand for 2D and animated films is still very high.

Plenary Session 3:

This was the final plenary session for us and although we were all quite tired, we were surprised by how fun it was and how much we learnt from it. We learnt about nanotechnology and that nano means small, and that a nanometre means one billionth of a meter. We also leant more about Feynman’s Challenge and the accidental inventions like velcro and fibers and their uses, and their real life uses like being used for cancer treatment, skincare, and beers and bullets.